Saturday, March 15, 2014


I wrote this the other day...

In the midst of my dreams & ideals being crushed and falling apart I had a parent/teacher conference with my son’s teacher. Seems’ he is ADD. They are having to test him for this disorder in order for him to receive extra 1 on 1 help.

I have struggled with so much over these last few weeks.

Through this “situation” I found such promise and enjoyed speaking with 1 of the people, he was always so wise and so full of promise and he himself seemed to have a direct line to God. I truly believed he must have had one of those red phones that quarterbacks use to talk to the coaches in the booth. I believe DrJ (as I will call him) must have had a red phone in the closet that spoke directly to God.

I miss him a lot.

A lot.

My life was altered, and maybe it was all a farce, but whatever “they” call it I call it God altering.

Every so often in my day I will be stopped and my mind drifts to millions of memories or questions that I have and I just wonder.

Much like now…