Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm worth more.

So this morning Lord I was reading and found on the Heart to Heart w/Holley Blog the following statement:

In all the moments of your life, you are a woman of grace and strength. Even when you feel weak, you have divine power within you that is able to get you through anything. And you are loved far more than you can even imagine. How you feel today, what you’re facing, even what others may say doesn’t change that—and never can.
Who you are is secure forever. And you are a daughter of God, a holy princess, a woman who is chosen and cherished. Nothing and no one can take that away from you. You have within you a God who is bigger than your bad days and stronger than your circumstances, and he will never let you go. He has promised that nothing will defeat you and no one can stand against you.
Guess YOU knew I needed that reminder. 
Spring Break Vacation starts today at 2 PM & I so need it. Mentally, physically, and spiritually I am wore out & need that time away. 
I was asked out, but its not a fit for forever, and I don't play around so I'm declining. I worth more Lord, I hear YOU reminding me of that. My fear of being alone is far out weighed by my fear of being hurt again and neither is worth the chance on that situation. I have a M A J O R trust issue, (yes insert laugh), right now & so I'm not feeling secure that the line I'm being fed is the truth so that ended that.
Well, must be getting off here, it was a VERY VERY VERY long night major storm woke all 3 kids up & they were in a massive panic. I must admit, I was scared too. It was bad & then all the sudden complete quiet & I thought OMG No! But no weather reports were issued & no warnings given so I settled them all down & finally we went back to sleep.
Thank you Lord. YOU are all I have.
Much love, me.