Friday, March 14, 2014


Taken from my personal journal….

I feel like I'e lost so much. But I know how YOU work Lord. I know when I feel I've lost it's because my focus is changing and my gain will be so much greater.

One thing I loved is the idea of being protected. Most seen it as scary and an invasion, but for the most part it was nice. Now that too may have been a joke and if it was then so be it (just don't tell me), let me live that lie.

I keep coming back to that time in my life, guess its because it hurts so badly because so much has changed from then to now in such a short amount of time.

I feel what Joseph felt when he was in prison. Alone and forgotten.

That's the word…forgotten.

No one likes that. We all want to be thought of and remembered. No one want to feel invisible.

There is a line in a Lady Antebellum song that says "no one would notice if I left this town and never came back.

Today's realization is just that, I feel forgotten.

My life changed, the trash has been taken out.

Now what?

I feel forgotten in the prison cell of life.

Just waiting for the guard to open the door, YOU Lord are that guard! I know!!

Much love,