Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just a thought or 2

The weather is wild today, yes it's only 6:30 AM but the wind has been strong all night.

The massive drop in temperature has left my head pounding with a deep pain. UGH…

But I had to stop here & say Good Morning.

I hope that today blesses us all with peace. I hope that God grants us all with love, HIS love. The kind that makes you smile because you know HE has you in his hand and heart all day.

Last night I was overwhelmed, and to a point still am. I want to curl up in bed & get through this time but 3 kids and God's desire for me to be better won't let me, so I will get up & tame this hair & truck on down to work. Where I hope to be able to get some stuff done.

I'm blessed beyonds words, and even though I've hit a rough patch, I know that God has me hand in hand.

Have a blessed day & if HE blesses you, bless someone else…

Much love,