Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Calendars, Ex's, and Dreams...

It's me again Lord.

Sophie's in the tub & I'm here, struggling to breathe today.

The calendar keeps filling up, do this for this one, take this one here, that one there. It's 6:45 PM & I've just sat down from work.

Thank you for the beautiful weather, we are blessed. So very blessed.

I joined a gym & go on my lunch hour, I had too. I had so much frustration built up I need to get it out of my system.

Yesterday I received a text from my ex-best friend Ryan, her message was "I miss you". I texted her back, is this a joke? I mean come on. You call my ex-husband and tell your version of my life to him (he doesn't need to know any version!), and when I confront you, you avoid the fact that what you did was wrong. And now you miss me. Huh. Wow, that sucks. But I don't feel anything for you.

I was right, I do have someone who is interested in my house. But now Lord its up to YOU to deliver me my house. I will wait til you do. When I see the cows I will know that "this is it!". I'm so excited. So excited!!!!!

Lord the dream is there. Thank you!!!

Well, bath time is done & she is hiking her leg to get out of the tub so I must head off.

My life isn't the same as a year ago, and Lord…I'm so glad!

Much love, me.