Friday, March 21, 2014

remembering love...

Good Morning Lord.

I'm here, E A R L Y!

It's really quiet here now & I'm grabbing some quiet time with you. There are things I cannot write or even say because my heart is so down right now, but its YOUR great love that knows and understands those things.

This is play weekend, so to have to explain how insane the times are and who is going to be where and by what time is impossible. Please Lord, don't let me forget anything.

Thanks Lord for helping me get Sophie's temperature down last night, it was borderline er visit and I don't like that at all.

I was reading off another blog and she spoke so wonderfully about being kind to ourselves and lightening up when we think of our own hearts. I see the meaning, but Lord, I don't know how to do this job and I feel I'm failing at it at a very high rate of speed. So please know I'm thankful for YOUR Grace, and even more thankful for YOUR unconditional love, and finally thankful that YOU won't give up on me. TOGETHER we can get these kids raised.

Lord, I keep thinking about Joseph and how long he waited before he found redemption and every day how hard it must have been for him to endure, not knowing what was next and knowing that he was unjustly there in those places. I'm sure he had to have screamed, "you don't understand!" or "you all have this all wrong!"…right?

This world is ugly. I watched yesterday as evil took yet another situation to it's side and I wanted to scream that isn't right, that is a bad decision, that is going to hurt that other person, but I couldn't for fear of the next person with a black mark. My words would have fallen on deaf ears, and we all just listened and quietly looked at each other and said OMG! Today will be a very very very difficult day for someone. I can't get her off my mind.

Then my cousin lost her son to his crippling disease. Her heart is broken.

I watched as the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a local girl was solved and her vehicle pulled from the local river, with her still in it. Her family has answers this morning, but also a broken heart.

I watched as a mistaken unfolded at work and the juggling of "it's not my fault, it's your job" was thrown around and around and around, words hurt, and they did yesterday amongst co-workers and it was ugly.

Difficult situations, life altering situations, emotions high and words many, with tempers flared are absolutely everywhere we look from across the road to across the globe. Lord, it's getting ugly down here. Please don't let us go. Hold on to us as each of us seek our time of redemption.

The most amazing thing about the Joseph story is that his redemption for himself and for his family came during a famine. During a time of without YOU gave them and their country an amazing turnaround all started by l o v e!

Help us to remember love in our day Lord!

Much love,